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Backend Developer in Deep Tech SaaS Startup

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20.05.2020 - 15:00


You will be in charge of the backend infrastructure of our novel SaaS-Portal RapidCompact.Cloud, a Web-based Service that offers users the chance to employ our core 3D data optimization software for AR and the Web in a self-service fashion.

Your job has many interesting touchpoints with other areas and covers various exciting aspects, such as performance optimization, monitoring and management of processing jobs and scheduling systems, user management, connection to 3D viewers, customized analytics backend, and automated payment system. You will be supported by several skilled engineers from different areas, such as team members developing core 3D data processing tools and Web-based 2D and 3D frontend components.

DGG is a leading provider of automated 3D data optimization solutions. We are a deep tech company with strong expertise in 3D data processing and visualization. Our origins are at the Fraunhofer IGD, a leading institute for applied research in Visual Computing.

Some Reasons to Work with Us

  • Spacious office is located right in the heart of Darmstadt, Germany, a beautiful university town and well-known as “City of Science”
  • Quiet working environment that will always allow you to focus when it's necessary, with the chance to work remotely as well
  • Friendly and open office culture and flexible working hours
  • Positive team of excited technology enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds – from engineering and computer science to arts
  • Team with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, committed to deliver the best 3D processing pipeline in the world – backed up by various great, financially strong investors with a long-term plan
  • Inspiring range of interesting customers, including large e-commerce players, public institutions such as museums, as well as various innovative tech companies from around the world

Interested? We are much looking forward to getting to know you! Send your CV and a short, informal intro to jobs@dgg3d.com!


Key Qualifications – General Skills

  • High amount of motivation and passion to deliver strong technology
  • Ability to develop sound, creative solutions on your own
  • Strong logical thinking and analytical skills.

Key Qualifications – Technical Background

  • Experience with the use, development and maintenance of RESTful APIs
  • Experience with cloud infrastructures (AWS, Azure, …), scalability and cloud workers
  • Experience with JavaScript and PHP
  • Basic experience with databases and query languages

Bonus Skills

  • Basic experience with frontend technologies, such as Vue/Vuex, Nuxt or similar frameworks
  • Basic experience with Go
  • Basic experience with Laravel
  • Basic experience with Web-based 3D technologies, such as WebGL, BabylonJS or ThreeJS

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Darmstadt Graphics Group GmbH
Herr Max Limper
64283 Darmstadt
+49 6151 155554

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